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Kite Runner will play at London’s Playhouse Theatre, Summer 2017.  The UK Tour will begin Fall 2017.

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Kite Runner script has been published by Bloomsbury/Methuen.

Kite Runner Opening on London’s West End!  At Wyndham’s Theatre off Leicester Square


American Theatre Magazine feature on Tortilla Curtain
“The Border Troubles of Tortilla Curtain Seem All Too Fresh”

Liverpool Post Arts Awards
Kite Runner Receives Award for Best Theatre Production
“A play that excelled in its script, performances, design and direction. Co-created by the Liverpool and Nottingham Playhouses, the epic production spanned decades, continents and cultures to present a heart-wrenching tale as beautifully told on stage as in the pages of Khaled Hosseini’s best selling novel.”

Arts Fuse (Boston) Best Stage Productions of 2015
“Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner is the inspiration for this solo show, but co-writers Matthew Spangler and Benjamin Evett so greatly expanded the world and character of the poem’s unnamed narrator that it’s hardly fair to call this theater piece an adaptation. Given the linguistically rich text, Evett’s virtuoso performance, and the magic director Rick Lombardo’s worked with the myriad design elements, there was no question when I saw Albatross at the Paramount Center in January that it would make my best list for the year.”

San Jose Mercury News
Santa Clara’s Arabian Shakespeare Festival Aims to Bridge American, Middle Eastern Cultures

KQED Arts, San Francisco
Arabian Shakespeare Festival Brings A Message to San Francisco

Kite Runner at the Nottingham Playhouse

Nottingham Playhouse Trailer

Left Lion (Nottingham)
An Uplifting Tale

The Kite Runner is a powerful story of guilt and redemption, set against the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and the rise of the Taliban.  The best-selling novel was written by Khaled Hosseini and has been adapted into a film and now an award-winning stage play. Nottingham Playhouse is hosting the UK premiere and playwright Matthew Spangler talks to Adrian Bhagat about the challenges of adapting such a popular novel…”

Kite Runner at Brighton Festival!!

The Guardian
How Do You Put The Kite Runner On Stage?

“Bestselling book, movie and now play, The Kite Runner has become an emblem of modern Afghanistan. Nosheen Iqbal watches the show come together . . .” Read more >>

Fast Forward Weekly (Calgary)
Kite Cast Connect Culturally

“It’s very rare to have the chance to play a lead role, because that’s usually given to a Canadian,” says Alamian, adding that he generally portrays the “bad guys,” especially in film and television, because of his ethnicity.  Read more >>

Calgary Herald
Kite Runner is Theatrical Exploration of a Man’s World

The Kite Runner is a story that deals, in part, with themes such as immigration and multiculturalism, all of it filtered through the lens of Afghanistan, where we just spent a decade fighting a war. Read more >>

Dennis Garnhum previews The Kite Runner at Theatre Calgary Video (3 min)

London Guardian
Afghans don’t see NATO mission as an occupation says Kite Runner author: Announcing UK stage play of bestselling book, Khaled Hosseini talks of his desire to forge ties between Afghanistan and west

Six years after his second international bestseller came out, and as he announces the first British stage adaptation of The Kite Runner, the author and doctor Khaled Hosseini has spoken of his duty to the Afghan people – and revealed he has just finished a third novel. Read more >>

Boston Globe
Afghanistan on Intimate Scale in ‘The Kite Runner’

Novelist Khaled Hosseini began life as a privileged young Afghan. The son of a diplomat and a teacher, he was born in Kabul and spent the first decade of his childhood in Afghanistan before moving to Paris and then to California, where he still lives. Read more >>

Arts Fuse, Boston
The Kite Runner–Adapting an Epic Story to the Stage

I asked playwright Matthew Spangler why he wanted to create a stage version of a large and challenging book, and how he went about solving the obvious problems.  Read more >>

WGBH-TV, Boston
The Kite Runner On Stage 

Boston Globe
Issues of Class Take Center Stage on Local Stages

Historically, Americans have not been terribly comfortable talking about class. But that conversation is taking place this fall, and vigorously, all over ­Boston-area stages. Read more >>

North County Times
Writer Brings Adaptive Spirit to SD Rep’s ‘Tortilla Curtain’

Writing is often lamented as such a solitary occupation. Perhaps that’s why Matthew Spangler enjoys adapting novels for the stage so much. Read more >>

San Diego Union Tribune
Valley of Dreams: Undocumented Laborers Face an Uphill Battle for a Better Life in San Diego Rep’s ‘Tortilla Curtain’

The pair of struggling immigrants in “Tortilla Curtain” — like countless of their counterparts in real life — would move heaven and earth to make a better life for their family.  Read more >>

KPBS, San Diego (Radio Interview, 16 min.)
‘Tortilla Curtain’ Makes its World Premiere at SD Rep

Tortilla Curtain Rehearsal Video (2 min):

Tortilla Curtain Fight Choreography Video (2 min):

Up-coming production of Tortilla Curtain at the San Diego Repertory Theatre, an “impressive bookend” to the Rep’s next season:

American Theatre Magazine
Desert Warmth

Nowhere in this world does the gap between hospitality and hostility gape wider than in Afghanistan. Khaled Hosseini’s successful first novel, The Kite Runner, is rife with the abuse of innocents over decades in that troubled nation. And yet, separate conversations with the lead creators of the stage version of that story—Hosseini, adapter Matthew Spangler and director David Ira Goldstein—reveal that all three hope the production will help dispel the myth that Afghanistan is a dustbin of barbarity. Read more >>

Echo Magazine (Phoenix)
Playwright Matthew Spangler brings “The Kite Runner” to the Stage

It’s either brilliant or foolhardy to adapt a beloved novel like Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner to the stage. Playwright Matthew Spangler couldn’t resist the challenge, and the results have been a critical smash for the California professor.  Read more >>

San Jose Mercury News
“Kite Runner” Comes Home: San Jose Rep Lands Debut of Stage Adaptation

Keep your eyes on the skies as “The Kite Runner” floats triumphantly back home to San Jose. The world premiere stage adaptation of Khaled Hosseini’s international bestseller flies into the San Jose Repertory Theatre on March 21. Steeped in the ritual of kite-running, which the cast has studied at a Bay Area park, the production hopes to capture the spirit of the craft through language and movement instead of spectacle. Read more >>

Theatre Bay Area
Landing “The Kite Runner”

The Kite Runner became inescapable a few years ago in book clubs around the
country. The 2003 novel by San Jose author Khaled Hosseini became a huge
best-seller. The fact that its timing was impeccable certainly didn’t hurt. Although
the tale of family, friendship, guilt and redemption would have resonated with
readers at any time, a story about a boy growing up in Afghanistan, fleeing to the
Bay Area when the Russians invaded and returning as an adult during the Taliban regime was more likely to find its way into an American reader’s hands after acountry that had been relatively obscure to most Americans had suddenly become a place they were hearing a lot about.  Read more >>

Louisville’s Alt-Weekly
Theater: Flying Kite
Creative vision a big part of bringing ‘The Kite Runner’ to the stage

We live in what will someday be viewed as the Golden Age of Adaptation.  Yes, it’s become a cliché among critics to complain that cultural recycling — movie remakes, theatrical revivals, re-envisioned comic books and TV series — indicates a paucity of creative juices. Read more >>

The Louisville Courier-Journal
“Kite Runner” playwright puts Afghanistan in the spotlight

For playwright Matthew Spangler to spend a year or more adapting a book for the stage, he first must fall in love with the material. An experienced literary adapter, Spangler has written and staged plays based on the works of Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce and John Cheever, but his latest project is a more contemporary — and in some ways, more urgent — story.  Read more >>

Arizona Daily Star
“Kite Runner” is a High Flier

“Come see me, Amir. There is a way to be good again.”  The line, one of the first in Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner,” began a journey thick with family, friendship, betrayals, guilt, innocence, redemption and deep, deep love.  Read more >>

WCPN (Cleveland)
The Kite Runner

“The story of taking award-winning novel The Kite Runner to the Cleveland Play House stage.”  Radio interview:

Matthew Spangler: American Playwright, Director & Educator

Matthew Spangler: American Playwright, Director & Educator